Executive Committee

The NWKLS Executive Committee is composed of one representative from each taxing county elected by the representatives of member libraries and the Governor’s Appointees from their respective counties. The members of the Executive Committee serve two-year terms. Terms are staggered to prevent complete turnover of the membership at any one election.

The Executive Committee elects the officers, which is subject to the approval of the Full System Board.  Executive Committee Officers serve one year terms with a maximum of two terms.

Members of the Executive Committee are as follows: 

Darla Deeds   Cheyenne County   (Member)

Executive Committee: 2014-2015–2nd term

Governor’s Appointee

Lynn Tacha   Decatur County  (Secretary 1st Year)

Executive Committee: 2013-2014–1st term

Board: 2013-2016–1st term

Sharon DuBois   Gove County   (Chair 1st Year)

Executive Committee: 2014-2015–3rd term

Board: 2013-2016–2nd term

Victoria Halbleib   Logan County   (Member)

Executive Committee: 2014-2015–1st term

Board: 2012-2015–1st term

David Graham   Norton County   (Member)

Executive Committee: 2014-2015–1st term

Full Board: 2014-2017–Completion of an Unexpired Term

 Cyndie Aumiller   Sheridan County   (Member)

Executive Committee: 2014-2015–1st term

Full Board: 2013-2016–Completion of an Unexpired Term

Pam Hardy   Sherman County   (Member)

Executive Committee: 2014-2015–1st term

Full Board: 2014-2017–1st term

Nancy Saddler   Thomas County   (1st Vice Chair 1st Year)

 Executive Committee: 2013-2014–4th term

Governor’s Appointee

Louella Kaiser   Trego County   (Treasurer)

 Executive Committee: 2014-2015–1st term

Full Board: 2014-2017–1st term

Stephanie Brock   Wallace County   (2nd Vice Chair 1st Year)

Executive Committee: 2013-2014–6th term

Governor’s Appointee

Executive Committee Meeting Agendas

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Executive Committee Representative Certification Form