Governor’s Appointees


The Governor’s Appointees play a vital role in the administration of Northwest Kansas Library System.  Each Governor’s Appointee serves a four year term and can serve as many terms as the Governor desires.  Governor’s Appointees vote as a member of the NWKLS Full System Board and can serve on the NWKLS Executive Committee, which according to System Bylaws, must have at least one Governor’s Appointee as a member.  NWKLS currently has 3 Governor’s Appointees on the Executive Committee.

Darla L. Deeds   Cheyenne County   Term Ends:6/30/2013

Julie Carter   Decatur County   Term Ends:6/30/2013

Virginia R. Beesley   Gove County   Term Ends:10/14/2013

Vacant   Logan County   Vacant

Connie L. Johnson   Norton County   Term Ends:6/30/2013

Bette James   Sheridan County   Term Ends:6/30/2017

Martin K. Melia   Sherman County   Term Ends:6/30/2013

Nancy D. Saddler   Thomas County   Term Ends:6/30/2013

Cathy Sherfick   Trego County   Term Ends:6/30/2011

Stephanie Brock   Wallace County   Term Ends: 6/30/2010

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Gubernatorial Appointments

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