System Board

Board members representing each member library serve four year terms. The following listing shows the city in which each member library is located, the name of the library, the term of office for the representative, and the representative to the System Board from that library

To facilitate attendance at board meetings, libraries are permitted to appoint alternate representatives. The alternate should be specified to NWKLS before the meeting.

County Library Representative Term
Cheyenne Bird City Public Library Roseanna Underwood 2012-15 (1st)
St. Francis Public Library Pat Leibbrandt 2012-15 (1st)
USD 103 Cheylin Darla Dible 2011-14 (1st)
USD 297 St. Francis Schools Kaye O’Brien 2011-14 (2nd)
Decatur Jennings City Library Lynn Tacha 2013-16 (1st)
Norcatur Public Library Ramona Fick 2014-17 (1st)
Oberlin City Library Marianne Larue 2012-15 (1st)
USD 294 Decatur County Schools Carol Wasson 2013-16 (1st)
Gove Gove City Library Frank Powers 2012-15 (2nd)
Grainfield City Library Janice Manhart 2012-15 (1st)
Jay Johnson Public Library Sharon DuBois 2013-16 (2nd)
Moore Family Library Patricia Baalman 2013-16 (1st)
USD 291 Grinnell Schools Theresa Kraus 2013-16 (1st)
USD 292 Wheatland Schools Lee Ann Goetz 2012-15 (UN)
USD 293 Quinter Schools Sandii Ostmeyer 2013-16 (2nd)
Logan Oakley Public Library Victoria Halbleib 2012-15 (UN)
St. Joseph’s School Vacant
USD 274 Oakley Schools Jodee Reed 2012-15 (1st)
USD 275 Triplains Jana Gfeller 2011-14 (UN)
Norton Almena City Library Elaine Johnson 2015-18 (2nd)
Lenora Public Library Vacant
Norton Correctional Facility Lori Van Eaton 2012-15 (1st)
Norton Public Library David Graham 2014-17 (UN)
USD 211 Norton Community Schools Jane Burton 2013-16 (1st)
USD 212 Northern Valley Schools John Vincent 2014-17 (2nd)
Sheridan Selden Public Library Gloria Walker 2013-16 (2nd)
Sheridan County Health Complex Cindy Eller 2012-15 (1st)
Sheridan County Public Library Shannon Morgan 2013-16 (UN)
USD 316 Golden Plains Schools Orba Smith 2013-16 (2nd)
USD 412 Hoxie Community Schools Cyndie Aumiller 2013-16 (UN)
Sherman Goodland Public Library Pamela Hardy 2014-17 (1st)
Northwest Kansas Technical College Jo Ann Wahrman 2012-15 (2nd)
USD 352 Goodland Schools Nancy McFarlin 2012-15 (1st)
Thomas Heartland Christian School Vacant
H.F. Davis Memorial Library CCC Tara Schroer 2011-14 (1st)
Northwest Kansas Groundwater Management Vacant
Northwest Kansas Heritage Center Brenda Claassen 2011-14 (2nd)
Pioneer Memorial Library Melany Wilks 2013-14 (UN)
Sacred Heart Catholic School Leanna Larmer 2014-17 (1st)
USD 314 Brewster Schools Kathleen Fulwider 2012-15 (2nd)
USD 315 Colby Schools Vacant
Trego Trego County Hospital Gloria Folkers 2012-15 (1st)
WaKeeney City Library Louella Kaiser 2014-17 (1st)
USD 208 Trego County Schools Ruth Tinkler 2012-15 (1st)
Wallace Sharon Springs Public Library Cathy Van Allen 2013-16 (1st)
USD 241 Wallace County Schools Kenli Allen 2011-14 (UN)
USD 242 Weskan Schools Julie Aldridge 2014-17 (1st)

*Terms in red indicate that they expire this year.

**1st in Term indicates a board member on their first term.

**2nd in Term indicates a board member on their second term.

**UN in Term indicates a board member completing an unexpired term of a previous member.

Full System Board Agendas

Full System Board Minutes

 Full System Board Representative Certification Form