StoryBox Kits

Here at NWKLS we have assembled ready made StoryBox Kits for use in your libraries. Each kit contains an award winning children’s picture book, as well as an interactive reading readiness activity and all the supplies to complete those activities with your children’s group.                           

Click on each activity for a printable version.

   Kit#1: The Easter Egg

   By: Jan Brett


   Activity: Dyed Egg


Materials Needed: Poster Board Egg Cut Out, Paint Brushes, Glue, Tissue Paper, Aluminum Foil, Paint Cups, Magnetic Strips, Children’s Scissors, and Plastic Tablecloth

   Kit #2: The Curious Garden    

   By: Peter Brown


   Activity: Grass Hair People


Materials Needed: Knee-Highs, Potting Soil, Grass Seed, Plastic Spoons, Plastic Plant Pots, Small Watering Pail, Google Eyes, and Plastic Table Cloth

    Kit #3 City Dog, Country Frog

    By: Mo Willems


   Activity: Friendship Bracelet


Materials Needed: Cording, Colorful Beads

Provide the children with appropriate lengths of stretchy, clear cording and a variety of beads.  Tie a bead on one end of the cording to keep the beads from falling off as the children string them.  Encourage the children to lay out a pattern before stringing the beads, but most of all it should be beautiful to them!  Allow the children to make two of each bracelet – one for a friend and one to keep like the friendship we saw in Country Dog and City Frog.

Kit #4 Help Me Mr. Mutt     

By: Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel


Activity: Paper Plate Dog or Cat


Materials Needed:  Paper Plates, Pompoms, Yarn, Glitter Glue, Construction Paper, and Chenille Stems, Google Eyes, and Plastic Table Cloth

   Kit #5 Dirt on My Shirt   

   By: Jeff Foxworthy


   Activity: Cornstarch Suspension Activity and Observation


Materials Needed: 1 Cup Cornstarch, bowl, ABOUT 1/2 cup water, spoon, Pie Plate, food coloring

   Kit #6 Tales from Old Ireland    

   By: Malachy Doyle


   Activity: Green on Green Activity


Materials Needed: Green Construction Paper, White Paint, Paint Brushes, Green Crayons, Paint Cups, and Plastic Tablecloth

   Kit #7 Gingerbread Friends   

   By: Jan Brett

   Activity: Gingerbread Man Activity


Materials Needed: Sandpaper, Patterns, M&M’s, Glue, Hard Candy, Ribbon, Hole Punch, White Crayons, and Cinnamon Sticks

Gingerbread Man-Gingerman Tracing Pattern

Print and cut out gingerbread man pattern. Trace onto the back of the sandpaper and cut out. Use white crayon to trace around the outline of the gingerbread man. Rub a cinnamon stick all over the gingerbread man and finish decorating gingerbread man with M&Ms and crayons. Make a hole to the top and attach a ribbon.

   Kit #8 Little Polar Bear   

   By: Hans DeBeer


   Activity: KWL Chart


Materials Needed: Poster Board, Vis-à-vis Markers, Stuffed Polar Bear Toys

Marco the Polar Bear-Finger Play                              

Polar Bear Facts

Cinderella Penguin   Kit #9 Cinderella Penguin     

   By: Janet Perlman

   Activity: Sequencing Activity



Materials Needed: Laminated Cards, Small version of scanned images for children to place in the correct order themselves.

YouTube Movie can also be added to plan:


   Kit #10 Look to the Stars    

   By: Buzz Aldrin

Activity: Paper Planetarium


Materials Needed: Construction paper, black and colored, Glitter glue, Scissors, Large Paintbrush,Wax paper