School Librarians

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Services provided to Member School Libraries:


1.  Workshops that provide educational opportunities for librarians, so they can learn better skills as librarians and teachers within their
school districts.  NWKLS provides these workshops within the northwest Kansas region, so travel is not as extensive.  NWKLS also
provides educational grants to help with expenses for those opportunities outside the northwest Kansas region.  Professional
Development Points are also given for all workshops within the NWKLS area.


2.  Rotation to the member school libraries to enhance learning and bring new materials into member school libraries.


3.  William Allen White collections, and support with voting on those collections.


4.  Authors brought to member schools to promote various aspects of learning and literacy.


5.  Items cataloged on the Kansas Library Catalog for easy access and inter-library loan.


6.  MARC records, cards and labels provided upon request.


7.  Purchasing books, audio CDs, Playaways, etc. through the NWKLS Ingram account and receiving direct billing from NWKLS.


8.  Purchasing library related materials (book tape, jackets, CD cases, etc.) directly from NWKLS.


9. Access to the Sunflower eLibrary and Zinio Magazines through the local public library.


10.  Access to the Storyteller and Collection Development/Technology Grants provided by NWKLS.


11.  Access to the Kansas Library Express Courier Grant that greatly reduces the cost of the courier services.


12.  Access to OCLC Interlibrary Loan, which is linked to libraries of all types and sizes nationally and internationally.  Can’t find it in Kansas,
NWKLS can help find it out of state or across the globe.


13.  Access to professional help with any questions about library service, and with other actions that need multiple hands such as weeding,
in-services, and taking inventory.