Supply List/Order Form

 NWKLS keeps a small stock of library supplies on hand, which can be purchased by member libraries at cost.  Member libraries can also order items through NWKLS that are not readily stocked.

Supplies will be shipped via mail, courier, rotation van, or through other arrangements.

2014 NWKLS Supply List

 If you would like to order supplies, complete the form below by entering quantities in the space next to the item name.  Once the form is complete, click the “Submit” Button at the bottom of the page.

  1. Supply Order Form
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  5. Book Tape
  6. Filament Tape
  7. Norbond Glue
  8. Due Date Slips
  9. Spin Labels (Only)
  10. Book Pocket/Spine Labels
  11. Book Cards
  12. Book Pockets
  13. CD Cases
  14. DVD Cases
  15. Bookjackets
  16. Vista Foil
  17. Dot Matrix Receipt Tape
  18. Thermal Receipt Tape
  19. Ear Buds
  20. Other Items Not Specified Above